Outreach Committee News

For the ninth consecutive year, Dollar Tree stores throughout the nation are sponsoring Operation Homefront, a national non-profit serving America’s military families. The two have joined forces in a nationwide school supplies collection campaign titled The Back-To-School Brigade.

Through the generosity of Dollar Tree patrons who donate funds to purchase school supplies, the needs of countless needy students are met as they begin their school year.

Operation Homefront especially targets the children of military families around the nation by presenting the school supplies to military bases to distribute to children of families on those bases.

We do not have a military base in the Steubenville area, so Operation Homefront has asked Starkdale Evangelical Presbyterian Church to pick-up and distribute the supplies collected through the local Dollar Tree store on Mall Drive to children of military families and needy children.

Starkdale has chosen to deliver the school supplies to elementary schools in the area. We ask the recipient schools to target the children of military families who are in their student body first, and then distribute to the neediest children, focusing on grades 1-3 this year.