Jonathan White Concert June 10, 2018 6pm

Starkdale Presbyterian Church will host Christian musician, Jonathan White, on June 10th at 6 pm.

Jonathan is the son of a pastor evangelist. He began singing along with his siblings and parents in worship as a small child.

Those first several years were important in developing his heart for ministry. The seeds were planted, though Jonathan never pursued any kind of professional career in music until later in life.
His main goal in his music ministry today is to encourage Christians in their walk with God, and to let them know that sometimes things happen that may seem horrible, but God can turn it around for good. Some of the things we think are burdens, may turn out to be the greatest blessing we ever receive.

Jonathan has had the opportunity to sing for many different kinds of audiences. From the Grand Ole Opry, to the Bill Gaither Homecoming Concert Series, to the little church down the street. Jonathan is willing to sing for God just about anywhere to any size crowd. He has learned, it’s not about the size of a crowd, it’s about ministering to each individual that has come to the concert. He gives the same emotion and heart regardless of who or how many are there.

It’s all about reaching others for Christ. It continues to amaze him that God would use him in this capacity to further His kingdom.

Please join us at 6 P.M on June 10th at the Starkdale Presbyterian Church, 4600 Sunset Boulevard, Steubenville. Refreshments will be served.

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