Envisioning Meetings

In order to move forward with our pastoral search, we, as members of the congregation, must meet together to objectively examine ourselves, evaluate our current ministries, consider what we do well and what needs improvement, determine our church’s strengths and challenges, and reset our goals, if needed, to ensure all that we say and do at Starkdale is truly focused on Christ, and all glory is given to God. We must have everything in order and know who we are as a church in order to correctly present ourselves on our Church Information Form, so that we are able to call a pastor who shares our vision.

On the Sundays of October 11th and 18th, Session will conduct an envisioning meeting in the fellowship hall at 12:15 P.M. (following the 11:00 Sunday worship services).

All members are urged to participate, for we as the body of Christ, have been given the responsibility to be excellent in all we do in His name.

Lunch will be served. Please email or call the
office to RSVP by October 8th.