Dart Baseball – Fall 2016

dartbaseball2016Another season of dart baseball ended on May 23, and it’s hard to realize we’ve been playing for approximately 18 years.  Time does fly when you’re having fun!

We have a mission basket and anyone wishing to make a donation may do so.  Through the generosity of the dart baseball players we have given $900 to local charities.

With Memorial Day being observed on May 30, we think of those we lost over the years.  The number is 13.  We are saddened with the losses of our loved ones, but take comfort knowing they are with the Lord.  Their names are Ed, Rall, Emma, Bea, Hugh, Dorothy, Hank, Cliff, Conrad, Brian, Mary, John, and Mary Jane.  You are all missed and will always be in our Ring of Honor.

To continue in the baseball vernacular we feel they all hit their final homerun, rounded the bases, and crossed home plate to be at home safe with the Lord.  We know the Lord is not going to ask how many homeruns, or how many hits you had, or even how many errors you committed.  We would only hope He would say,  well played my good and faithful servant.  Go on through those pearly gates.  You’re up to bat next!

On the July 19th, twenty-one attended our dart ball covered dish picnic.  All are invited to join us on Tuesday nights at 6:00 PM, September through May.  We open with a prayer, followed with good food, and then its PLAY BALL.    As always, there has been no increase in the price of a ticket.  The ticket is free, the experience is priceless.

God Bless, Dart Baseball Family of Friends