POA Ministry Effectiveness Meeting

On Saturday, November 14th, the Presbytery will gather at Bethany EPC in Mercer, PA from 9AM to 4PM for a Ministry Effectiveness meeting. This is not a stated meeting and no business will be conducted. All Teaching and Ruling Elders are encouraged to attend as well as church staff and lay leaders. This meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about effective leadership development, best practices regarding small group ministry, specific ways to be more effective in outreach, hear what’s actually happening with ministry networking, and learn what initiatives are developing at GA to help presbyteries and churches be more effective. This day will be interactive; a time to learn from and about each other. And of course, we will worship and enjoy a meal together. This is an opportunity that is not always available at our stated meetings.

Visit www.epcalleghenies.org for more information and registration.


Rev. Dr. Makari Elected Pastor Emeritus

Philip15On October 25th, the Starkdale congregation was moved by affection and gratitude to continue an association in an honorary relationship with our recently retired pastor. The congregation voted unanimously to elect Rev. Dr. Philip Makari as Pastor Emeritus.

The title, Pastor Emeritus, is the highest honor given to a pastor, and that is what the Session and congregation intended for our beloved pastor of ten years. The title may be seen as an expression of 1 Timothy 5:17, “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.”

Emeritus comes from the Latin word emereri, which means to earn one’s discharge by service. It is an honorary title bestowed upon one who has retired from a position (pastor, professor, or other professional) and implies no official duty or responsibility.

Conferring the status of Pastor Emeritus upon our retiring pastor is a way for our congregation to say, “Reverend Makari, we hold you in a special place in our hearts, and you will always be a pastor in our congregation.”

The authority to give this honorary title to Rev. Makari was unanimously approved and placed in effect by the Presbytery of the Alleghenies of the EPC.

Rev. Dr. Philip Makari is the first Pastor Emeritus in Starkdale’s history.  An induction service will take place at a date and time TBD. Stay tuned to the weekly announcements for details.


From the Session – November 2015

The Interim Pastoral Search Committee and the Pastoral Search Committee have been working diligently in regard to their respective responsibilities and duties during our current interim process.

We are receiving some applications (Pastor Information Forms) for the posted interim position, and the ISC is in the process of reviewing those applications to set up interviews with candidates.

The PSC has completed the Church Information Form and it is in the process of being posted on the EPC website. Once we begin to receive Pastor Information Forms, we will begin the interviewing process. The committee is preparing interview questions and reviewing the interview process and techniques.

As always, if you have any questions, please refer to the EPC Book of Order or any of the Ruling Elder representatives on the search committees.


Message from Rev. Bullard – October 2015

Dear Friends,

It has been my pleasure to go visiting with Pastor Philip for the past two years.  As a pastor for forty years, Pastor Philip has had great insight and wisdom to impart with me.  I will miss our time together in making our visits to the hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, and people’s homes.

I will continue my ministry of pastor care and visitation.  And the wonderful thing is there are some people from the Outreach Committee who are looking forward to going with me.

Let me say as a pastor for almost forty years myself, I never had an Outreach Committee who would like to visit others in the church and the community on their own, or in twos, or with me.

How truly blessed Starkdale is to have such a committee.  Yes, they will come with me as I take communion to those who need and/or desire it.

Thank you Starkdale for blessing me with such a wonderful fellowship of believers and ministry.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Tom


Kids Rock Returns – October 2015

kidzrockfall2015KIDS ROCK IS BACK!!!

Kids Rock is returning on October 11th, 6:00 – 7:15pm. This year, activities will include special music, Bible lessons, chapel time, skits, plays, and lots of fun activities.

Please invite your friends and plan to join us on Sunday, October 11th.