Care Corps Up and Running!

For the past  several years, Outreach has been discussing a new ministry, Care Corps. The idea of  Care Corps was to minister to our own church family’s needs- such as our shut-ins and our members who may have had surgery etc.

Enter Peggy Rekai.  Peggy has such a heart for our shut-ins and began (on her own) to visit several.  Peggy then decided that it was time for Care Corps to become a reality.

Enter Dianna Vandeborne.  With Dianna’s organizational skills (and big heart) and Peggy’s heart for our shut-ins, Care Corps is up and running.  (I like to refer to these two as the Dynamic Duo.)

Visits are continuing to several of our shut-ins, plus meals are being delivered to one family three times a week.  Grocery shopping is being organized for another family.  Cards and phone calls are being made on a regular basis to our friends who have found themselves housebound for one reason or the other.  We hope to be able to offer rides to doctor’s appointments, etc. in the near future.

We on the Outreach Committee are thrilled to have such a great ministry.  But, we need your help.  With the need growing, more hands are needed.  This is a ministry that you can do as little, or as much as you want.  Just let Peggy, Dianna, or Jane (Office Manager) know that you are interested in helping.

Also, if you know any of our church family in need of help, please let us know.  If we don’t know the need, we cannot help.

And most importantly, please pray for this new ministry.  I can testify it has been a blessing in my life to help deliver meals.  And, I have been on the other side as well.  It was a blessing in my life when so many of you reached out to me when I was housebound.  Believe me when I tell you, a card sent to let someone know you are thinking of them and praying for them is priceless.

I hope that many of you contact us to find out more about this ministry and how you can help.
Respectfully Submitted by: Cindy Sagrilla