building“My first experience with Starkdale was attending the Bible study led by Pastor Phillip Makari. I had studied the Bible my whole life but Rev. Dr. Makari provided such exciting insight and history into the scriptures! The weekly Bible study was a great way to learn more about the Bible and I began to get to know the members of the church. I decided to join Starkdale because of the congregation’s dedication to the words and mission of Jesus Christ. Starkdale is a biblical and “Christ centered” church. The people are friendly and provide such great fellowship in all activities. The church has so much to offer people of all ages who want to have Jesus Christ in their lives. The church is constantly looking for ways to inform others and the community about the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ. My husband and I look forward to attending services and think Starkdale Presbyterian Church is awesome!”
-Jeanne Cox

” I lived a thankless and wreckless life and Jesus Christ knew and protected me long before I ever knew Him. Attending Starkdale Presbyterian Church allows me to try to pay back an impossible debt through the support of their Pastor, Elders, and Deacons as a Christ centered Church.”