Message from Rev. Danielson – March 2016

Dear Starkdale Members and Friends,

Pardon the pun, but the months just keep marching along, one after the other. I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet; nevertheless, I can promise you that if this snow keeps up, it won’t come down!

I continue to be encouraged by your faithful attendance and evident desire to hear and know the Word of God.

God’s blessing is upon you for good. Also, it is good to hear your godly conversation one with another. Your searching questions and comments to me about various aspects of the messages tell me you are not only listening but desiring to go deeper into the understanding and application of a given passage. Such was the response of the Berean Christians as they searched the Scriptures daily to verify that the things they were hearing were true. (Acts 17:11)

Please pray earnestly for the elders as they continue their search for God’s man to minister to God’s people and to the community around us. When the leaders led in Israel, the people followed willingly, and the Lord blessed! (Judges 5:2)

Rev. Paul Danielson