Youth News – December 2015

sym_logoDear Starkdale Youth, Parents & Friends,

It has been a wonderful youth ministry year and I truly have been blessed to work with all of you at Starkdale.  We just had two youth get baptized and two others make profession of faith so we have had four youth join the church in the last two weeks. We have had a number of youth join our group for the first time this fall and have had our largest turnouts for our youth meetings ever (25+) since I have been here which is a great sign for the future of the youth in our community and here at Starkdale.  We had around 500 attend the Valley’s Got Talent Competition and have three new youth group members that come regularly as a result of it (Glory Dami and Paul and Jacqueline Shea).  The Allegheny Angels also sang at the Light Up Night at the Fort which over the four hour period of time had 3000 people there.  The Sonshine Bible Club has had 130 children involved in it as well.  We have some exciting events upcoming in the next few months highlighted by a rap star named “Jericho” who opened for Lacrae coming in for a “Hip Hop & Hope” night at the Fort Steuben Mall on January 18th at 4:30 and much more!  Please see the Winter Schedule for more details.  Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pastor Bobbyjon