From the Session – December 2015

We are striving  to keep the congregation updated on the pastoral searches (both interim and called pastors) every step of the way. We have made significant progress toward our goals. Thank you for your patience in understanding the seriousness of the task before each committee and realizing these processes must be followed through with thoroughness.


The Interim Search Committee has interviewed several candidates and is in the process of selecting a candidate to recommend to Session for approval.

The Pastoral Search Committee  has posted the Church Information Form on the EPC website and will be studying the Personal  Information Forms as we receive them from pastoral candidates and begin the interviewing process.

As always, if you have any questions, please refer to the EPC Book of Order or any of the Ruling Elder representatives on the search committees:

ISC-Bob Burns, Jeanne Cox, Esther Harris, Scott Murison (chair), or Bob Sagrilla.

PSC-Dr. Tom Brown, Jane Gambos, or Carolyn Glaub (chair).

Above all, please continue to pray.