Message from Rev. Bullard – November 2016

Dear Friends,

The book, Roses in December-Comfort for the Grieving Heart by Marilyn Willett Heavilin, was given to me by a church member.  For anyone who has lost a loved one (especially a child), or has experienced loss of any kind, this book could be very helpful.  The book touched me deeply as the author shares her own story of the loss of her three sons.  Roses in December helped me to consider my own losses in new ways.  Heavilin shares many ideas of how to be helpful to those who are grieving.  First, be sensitive and try to take your lead from what the grieving person says.  Sometimes all you can say is “I love you,” “I am praying for you,” or “I am here for you.”  Second, the family that has lost never forgets their loved one.  Therefore, it is good to talk about the loved one.  People who have lost someone want to hear and remember the stories, the good times, and the special memories that you remember about their loved one.  Third, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are hard for those who have gone through a loss.  It is good to remember these days with a card, a call, or a visit.  Fourth, be a good friend in anyway you can.  The Apostle Paul often ends his epistles mentioning his friends and how important they are to him.  Being a friend and letting them know you care can bring great comfort to the one grieving, because after a loss one may feel so very alone.  Fifth, continue to pray for them as the weeks, months  and years go by.  The loss, the grief, and the pain may slowly diminish but it never goes away entirely.

I highly recommend this book to you.  It can be ordered online or at the Christian bookstore.

Roses in December-Comfort for the Grieving Heart
By Marilyn Willett Heavilin
Harvest House 1987

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Tom Bullard


Message from Rev. Bullard – October 2015

Dear Friends,

It has been my pleasure to go visiting with Pastor Philip for the past two years.  As a pastor for forty years, Pastor Philip has had great insight and wisdom to impart with me.  I will miss our time together in making our visits to the hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, and people’s homes.

I will continue my ministry of pastor care and visitation.  And the wonderful thing is there are some people from the Outreach Committee who are looking forward to going with me.

Let me say as a pastor for almost forty years myself, I never had an Outreach Committee who would like to visit others in the church and the community on their own, or in twos, or with me.

How truly blessed Starkdale is to have such a committee.  Yes, they will come with me as I take communion to those who need and/or desire it.

Thank you Starkdale for blessing me with such a wonderful fellowship of believers and ministry.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Tom