“Sing for Pink” Benefit Concert Photo


Allegheny Angels members, Courtnie Bube, Olivia Chanoski, and Gabrielle Peterson with Elisha Fletcher, at the  “Sing for Pink” benefit concert at the Fort Steuben Mall on October 14th.


Sonshine Bible Club Photos October 2015










Photos from the Youth Group Bonfire October 2015












Chicken Grill Photo 2015

IMG_7055Some of the Chicken Grill Team-Thank you to everyone who helped and came for dinner!







Sunday School Rally Day 2015

On September 13th, the Sunday School children at Starkdale celebrated Rally Day, inviting their friends and reminding them to attend Sunday School every week at 9:30 A.M.  Our Rally Day theme was “Back to the Bible Sunday.”  The new Communicants Class for 6th through 12th grade also began with a wonderful turnout.  The celebration continued at the Fellowship Hour.  Balloons were released after Sunday School.  It was really great, as a huge wind came up and our balloons with John 3:16 written on the tags, lifted off so fast that we were all surprised!!  All the children at Fellowship who attended church also had a great lunch, ice cream dessert and a balloon to release.  It was a very special day at Sunday School, Church and Fellowship.  If you would like to come to Sunday School at 9:30, there are classes for everyone Kindergarten up!
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