Sunday School Rally Day 2015

On September 13th, the Sunday School children at Starkdale celebrated Rally Day, inviting their friends and reminding them to attend Sunday School every week at 9:30 A.M.  Our Rally Day theme was “Back to the Bible Sunday.”  The new Communicants Class for 6th through 12th grade also began with a wonderful turnout.  The celebration continued at the Fellowship Hour.  Balloons were released after Sunday School.  It was really great, as a huge wind came up and our balloons with John 3:16 written on the tags, lifted off so fast that we were all surprised!!  All the children at Fellowship who attended church also had a great lunch, ice cream dessert and a balloon to release.  It was a very special day at Sunday School, Church and Fellowship.  If you would like to come to Sunday School at 9:30, there are classes for everyone Kindergarten up!
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Youth News – September 2015

Dear Starkdale Parents, Youth and Friends,

It was an exciting summer for the youth ministry highlighted especially by the Philadelphia/Allentown mission trip in late July. We also took part in the Hometown Talent Celebration, the Back-to-School bash at the Urban Mission, the Trash to Treasure sale, the Victory in Da Ville Festival, and a number of us took part in preparing and serving food to the homeless at the Urban Mission on a weekly basis. We also have been having an average of 7 teenagers every Wednesday night for the Wednesday night adult Bible Study.

We just had around 35 people out for a last three youth meetings. Sunday night, September 13 will be an unbelievable evening featuring 10 youth acts including the Allegheny Angels and then followed by a dramatic testimony by former Ohio State Buckeye national champion football player Maurice Clarett. It will run from 6:00-8:00 and will take place at the Big Red Auditorium and it is free of charge.

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Photos from Pastor Philip’s Farewell Service

A Message from Pastor Philip Makari

Philip15Dear Starkdale Family of Faith,

Glowing with the light of the Word, genuine in your faith in the Lord, gracious in your dealings with others, and generous in your giving of yourselves and of God’s blessings to you, these are only a few of the obvious characteristics that I have seen in you and experienced about you since I became the pastor of Starkdale on May 1, 2005.

On Sunday, August 9, 2015, the day you extravagantly provided for my retirement celebration at St. Florian hall, was a day on which all those amazing characteristics of you reached their highest point. I still keep reminiscing over what took place during the course of that evening. Surrounded by my spiritual brothers and sisters, members of our biological families (Vickey’s and mine), out-of-town friends, community people, Presbytery representatives, and the Valley’s Ministerial Network, made the evening pleasantly very special. I can assuredly say that since I was born I had never been in such company, or in such spotlight. The GIFTS, the WORDS, the CARDS, the HUGS, the SMILES, and of course, the TEARS, will continue to be to Vickey and me a river of flowing memories of pure love.

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Care Corps Up and Running!

For the past  several years, Outreach has been discussing a new ministry, Care Corps. The idea of  Care Corps was to minister to our own church family’s needs- such as our shut-ins and our members who may have had surgery etc.

Enter Peggy Rekai.  Peggy has such a heart for our shut-ins and began (on her own) to visit several.  Peggy then decided that it was time for Care Corps to become a reality.

Enter Dianna Vandeborne.  With Dianna’s organizational skills (and big heart) and Peggy’s heart for our shut-ins, Care Corps is up and running.  (I like to refer to these two as the Dynamic Duo.)

Visits are continuing to several of our shut-ins, plus meals are being delivered to one family three times a week.  Grocery shopping is being organized for another family.  Cards and phone calls are being made on a regular basis to our friends who have found themselves housebound for one reason or the other.  We hope to be able to offer rides to doctor’s appointments, etc. in the near future.

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