From the Session – August 2015

August is the first month of Rev. Dr. Philip Makari’s retirement, and while we are all grieving the loss of our pastor of ten years-a great man of God who has loved us, taught us, and led us in the Way of Truth for the glory of God alone, we can rejoice in the fact that he has planted us on solid ground–a foundation of sound Biblical doctrine and faith, for which we are eternally grateful. We can also rejoice with him that God has brought him to this time in his life after many years of serving Him. We all know that Ministers of the Word never truly retire from serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel, so we should keep that in mind as we continue to pray for Rev. Makari and Vickey as they embark on the next phase of the journey.

Moving forward, Session has secured and will continue to secure Stated Supply pastors to preach and administer the Sacraments. We are honored to have Rev. Dr. David Massimi fill that position during the month of August. We also have both an Interim Search Committee (ISC) and a Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) engaged in their respective search processes.

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Our New Bible Class

biblestudyOUR NEW BIBLE CLASS is being held in the adult Sunday School room from 9:30 to 10:30 A.M. every Sunday. While this is a required class for church leaders (pastors, ruling elders and deacons), it is urgent learning for the entire congregation. This is the one course of which we are aware that promises to bring to life basic biblical knowledge, make sense of difficult Christian doctrines, inspire the believer’s walk in Christ, and empower church ministry. The material to be studied is authored by national scholars of biblical theology, and will be taught by four elders who themselves have carefully studied the material, were individually examined in their understanding of it by the Presbytery of the Alleghenies, and have taught it in different settings before. They are: Jeanne Cox, Jane Gambos, Carolyn Glaub and Janice Whitaker. We are beginning the study with Michael Horton’s thought-provoking book: Putting Amazing Back into Grace. If you do not already own the book, the cost is $10. If you wish to have a free copy and like to participate, please contact the office. Please sign the sheet in the narthex or on the hallway table, so we can reserve a copy for you. You may join the class at any time, any Sunday.