Photos from Pastor Philip’s Farewell Service

A Message from Pastor Philip Makari

Philip15Dear Starkdale Family of Faith,

Glowing with the light of the Word, genuine in your faith in the Lord, gracious in your dealings with others, and generous in your giving of yourselves and of God’s blessings to you, these are only a few of the obvious characteristics that I have seen in you and experienced about you since I became the pastor of Starkdale on May 1, 2005.

On Sunday, August 9, 2015, the day you extravagantly provided for my retirement celebration at St. Florian hall, was a day on which all those amazing characteristics of you reached their highest point. I still keep reminiscing over what took place during the course of that evening. Surrounded by my spiritual brothers and sisters, members of our biological families (Vickey’s and mine), out-of-town friends, community people, Presbytery representatives, and the Valley’s Ministerial Network, made the evening pleasantly very special. I can assuredly say that since I was born I had never been in such company, or in such spotlight. The GIFTS, the WORDS, the CARDS, the HUGS, the SMILES, and of course, the TEARS, will continue to be to Vickey and me a river of flowing memories of pure love.

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Care Corps Up and Running!

For the past  several years, Outreach has been discussing a new ministry, Care Corps. The idea of  Care Corps was to minister to our own church family’s needs- such as our shut-ins and our members who may have had surgery etc.

Enter Peggy Rekai.  Peggy has such a heart for our shut-ins and began (on her own) to visit several.  Peggy then decided that it was time for Care Corps to become a reality.

Enter Dianna Vandeborne.  With Dianna’s organizational skills (and big heart) and Peggy’s heart for our shut-ins, Care Corps is up and running.  (I like to refer to these two as the Dynamic Duo.)

Visits are continuing to several of our shut-ins, plus meals are being delivered to one family three times a week.  Grocery shopping is being organized for another family.  Cards and phone calls are being made on a regular basis to our friends who have found themselves housebound for one reason or the other.  We hope to be able to offer rides to doctor’s appointments, etc. in the near future.

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From the Session – September 2015

The Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) has been working diligently on our Church Information Form (CIF) which will be ready for submission following our member-wide envisioning meetings which must take place in order to move forward.
Look for more information on the envisioning planning in this month’s Sunday bulletins. We are also in contact with our presbytery liaison, Rev. Dana Opp, who attends our meetings when possible.

The Interim Search Committee (ISC) has also been meeting regularly and is waiting to receive candidates from Presbytery to begin the interview process.

The Worship Committee will continue to provide Session and Presbytery approved Stated Supply until an interim or permanent pastor is secured.

Please continue to be in prayer with us.

For questions, please consult the Book of Order of the EPC, or you may contact the Ruling Elder representatives on the search committees.

From the Session – August 2015

August is the first month of Rev. Dr. Philip Makari’s retirement, and while we are all grieving the loss of our pastor of ten years-a great man of God who has loved us, taught us, and led us in the Way of Truth for the glory of God alone, we can rejoice in the fact that he has planted us on solid ground–a foundation of sound Biblical doctrine and faith, for which we are eternally grateful. We can also rejoice with him that God has brought him to this time in his life after many years of serving Him. We all know that Ministers of the Word never truly retire from serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel, so we should keep that in mind as we continue to pray for Rev. Makari and Vickey as they embark on the next phase of the journey.

Moving forward, Session has secured and will continue to secure Stated Supply pastors to preach and administer the Sacraments. We are honored to have Rev. Dr. David Massimi fill that position during the month of August. We also have both an Interim Search Committee (ISC) and a Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) engaged in their respective search processes.

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